The majority of the weddings on the island take place in the late afternoon/early evening, around sunset, usually between 18.15 – 18.45. Please visit mobilegeographics.com for exact times if you have already chosen a date.

We recommend you start the ceremony about an hour before sunset. Depending on the length of the ceremony (normally about 15-20 minutes or 30 minutes should you wish to include readings or a choir etc). This allows plenty of time, and is the perfect moment to take beautiful photographs, the light is stunning, and you won’t be waiting too long before your wonderful candle lit dinner.

Should you wish to have a morning wedding aboard a yacht and spend the day at sea with lunch on a sandbank followed by snorkeling on some of the Indian Oceans best reefs, just let us know, we can make it happen! Zanzibar is 6° south of the equator and can get very hot at midday which is why we recommend you hold your ceremony either in the morning or late afternoon.