Not living on the coast, one might not be aware of the change in tides. I once arranged a wedding on the beach at Mtoni Marine at low tide (there is at least 3 meters difference between low and high tide). Weeks prior to the ceremony, the bride came for an inspection at the time, the tide was high. On the day of the ceremony, the bride thanked me and all the staff for an amazing day, when we asked if she was happy, she turned to me and asked ‘what did you do with all the water?’

Zanzibar has big tidal differences and at some of the locations the beach may completely disappear at certain times of the day. We can always arrange an alternative location as a backup plan. Tidal differences can also mean that dhows are not able to moor on the beach; however we can arrange a tender to transport you and your guests to the shore.

Sandbanks can also be covered by the tide during certain times of the day so planning needs to be precise.