Hi Sjani & Tanya!
It is not easy for me to find the right words in english to share our thoughts about our wedding.

Some years ago we had a dream, to be married but “in a special way”. Not to be married as usual, as everyone is getting married here in Belgium. Our dream was to say yes to each other far away, on a beautiful white sandy beach with a lot of coconut trees.
3 years ago we went to Zanzibar for kiting, we felt in love with that authentic place, kind people and great weather (we have a story to tell about that… :-D).
It was not easy but we made it, with our friends and families, we materialized this dream.
Everything went perfectly and it was because of you !

Not easy to organize everything via e-mail but finally, it was like we wanted it to be. “Simple and beautiful”.
On the beach, kites in the background, sun and joy.

We can imagine how difficult it is to make everything going smooth in this country. This is the reason we contacted you. We realized quickly that you were essential to make that dream going true.
Each time we look at that movie, we think that it couldn’t be so perfect without your help !

Already when we exchanged e-mail, we were happy and in peace because we knew we will be in good hands.
Your website and all the pictures were really insipring for us !
Knowing everything will be dealed by you and your staff was oxygen for us :-)

When we think about the 30th… well, what to say… Hopefully again, you made everything to help us to realize our dream (getting married on the beach under the Zanzibarian sun) => plan a new date ! Impossible here in Belgium :-)
You made it, the following day, it was just perfect.

You were there for us, to keep us in peace in that difficult and stressful moments. You were the conductor that day, working “in the shadow” :-)
Again : the result was perfect !
We couldn’t expect a more beautiful day and organization.

Merci !

Kind regards for Belgium !

Alexandre, Sophie & Sasha

Wedding at Cristal Resort