Hi Sjani and Tanya,

Thank you so much for your email. We’ve been meaning to write you for a while and I’m so sorry for the delay in doing this. And thank you, all is well and married life is amazing.

Since our wedding we have been talking a lot about it. It was, like most couples would say, the best day of our lives. It was everything we could have possibly dreamt of. However, we aren’t only saying that it was the best day of our lives, we also claim that we must have had the best wedding ever. It was perfect, it was so beautiful and it was so much fun and we have the two of you to thank for that.

Everything was perfectly planned, you really can tell that you have been doing this for a long time. Everything from the booking and the email communication up until we landed in Zanzibar and the wedding has been perfectly planned and executed. I was especially amazed how detailed you were and how much you remembered from our email conversations. Things I mentioned over a year ago you had documented and it felt like you really understood and cared about how we wanted our wedding. You were always in touch and always asking a lot of questions regarding our wedding which really made us feel confident in you as our wedding organizer- it was really professional. I know that I am/was not the usual bridezilla which is maybe why I appreciate it even more as you mentioned and organized so many things I hadn’t even thought of doing ( I was especially amused when you contacted me because you were worried as our file was the thinnest one out of the lot).

You two were able to meet all our requests, even though some of them were last minute, you had a plan for everything and you know what guests expect when attending a wedding. We are so pleased with all your hard work and, furthermore, our guests have told us that our wedding in Zanzibar is the best wedding they’ve ever attended.

We’re so grateful and I can go on how perfect everything was, but I’m not, so I’m just gonna say that everything, from start till end, was immaculate and you two were absolutely fantastic, I could never have wished for better wedding organizers and a better wedding! Thank you so much!!!

I hope everything is well with you two and I also hope that Father Charles has recovered (I saw on Facebook that he was ill). Please wish him all the best from us.


Carina and Greg

Beach Wedding at Mtoni Marine