Aisha Gothey Photography

Life shouldn’t be measured by the number of breaths we take… But by the moments that take our breath away.

AKILIPIX / Francesca McKenna

“I am a wedding photojournalist originally from London, now based in Zanzibar. Seven years working for Reuters news agency before I moved here has foreshadowed my style, and it is still that passion for documentary, the quiet moments in between, as well as the stunning locations of this part of the world, that inspire and drive me. I moved to Zanzibar for my own wedding in 2004. My experience of being a bride in Zanzibar, hosting 60 family and friends on the island with a beautifully organized wedding by Zanzibar Weddings, puts me in a strong and emotional position to empathize with my clients. My firm belief that a relaxed and fun relationship when working in concert not just with the bride and groom, but the whole team of a wedding, is the key to getting powerful images. Working with Sjani, a dear long-term friend and colleague, and her super slick team, is always a pleasure. My other work in communications and Public Relations on the island, means I have strong principles about forging a good relationship with my clients, not just to ensure they get the pictures they want on the day, but ongoing until their satisfaction with the delivery of the images is complete.”

Andrew Morgan Photography

“A young freelance photographer looking to expand my ever growing knowledge and love for photography and digital imaging into new fields. In the last six years I have dabbled in many areas of photography and different photographic mediums. Although I still continue to shoot various genres, I have found a passion in photographing weddings. It’s always a pleasure to be a part of such a special day. The smiles, laughter and all emotions are real and from the heart. No two weddings can ever be the same, every wedding I photograph is exciting, with new people and new ideas of what they want. The opportunities are endless… My passion for photography is ever growing and I believe you can never stop growing and learning. I continue to be inspired every day by the world around us and I strive to move forward expanding my knowledge and moulding my style.”

Dror Eyal Photography

“I love Africa, the light bouncing off the beaches, the way the air smells after the rain, the masses of children walking to school. I love the authenticity of the backgrounds, that barefoot on the beach, always and forever, just the two of us hand in hand walking into the sunset feeling that you only get in Africa. I love the fact that Africa can be a lot of things, and it can change one minute to the next, but it’s always Africa. I’ve been taking my concept of non-wedding wedding photography all over the world for the last decade, documenting real weddings, in real locations. Photos that capture emotions and moments, images that won’t embarrass you in 10 years time. I’m getting older, less tolerant of the fake romance, chubby cherubs, and manicured gardens with artfully arranged bench for the bride and groom and fake Tuscan architecture that seems to pervade wedding photography these days. I shoot Nikon, I have a love for tattoos and natural light. I have photographed weddings on three continents, several islands and numerous countries, taken thousands of images and loved only one woman.”

Joe – Photographer

“I’m a photographer. Like so many others out there, be it either amateur or professional, I’m a photographer. And obviously, this is a little marketing piece, so you can expect only beautiful words. But all I can tell you, is that I care about quality and exceptional photography. Every shoot is as important as the last of the next one. Be it a wedding where I capture unexpected moments, romance, ambience and the celebration of love. Or a corporate shoot where it is more about structure, the right people in the right place and a specific, important image for the client. Or the luxury of a landscape shoot where you search for days and wait for hours for the right light, the perfect composition and that unsurpassed moment in time. I completed a Bachelors of Fine Art, specialising in Photography at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. After my studies, I took photos where the road led me, then I worked with a couple of well-known photographers in Stellenbosch for 2 years and in 2002 I started my own business. I look forward to meeting you as a client and giving you photographs that you never would want to put away.”

Robin Batista

Born and raised in Zanzibar, Tanzania, Robin Batista is a freelance photographer with a diverse portfolio, ranging from fashion and commercial to more intimate moments, including portraits and weddings. Having obtained an advanced certificate in photography from CMYK Academy in India. Robin currently lives and works in Zanzibar, bringing his unique insight of Zanzibari life and culture into every photo he takes.

Sala Lewis

Verve founder Sala Lewis was born in Kenya and has lived and worked widely throughout Africa, Europe, Latin American, the United States and Australia. After studying Anthropology at Durham University and then completing a MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication, she returned to Tanzania in 2004, where she has been based since. Drawing on a multicultural upbringing, Sala meets the creative needs of her clients and brings a global perspective to subjects she photographs. A passion for communication and working with people enables her to document the human perspectives to meet client briefs, while her training in photojournalism facilitates quick reactions and a keen eye.