Why Zanzibar Weddings?

As destination weddings go, I truly believe that my adopted home of Zanzibar is probably about as good as it gets. If you are dreaming of the excitement of an exotic beach wedding, without the adrenalin of any mishaps or missing details, then look no further.

I do what I do because I absolutely love it. Knowing Zanzibar like the back of my hand, being a wedding coordinator here is not a job, but a passion, and one that has seen me through almost 250 glorious nuptials since my own in 2005 when I officially started Zanzibar Weddings.
Two years working as a wedding co-coordinator and event planner in the UK has given me an established background in standards and three years organizing weddings on the exclusive private Zanzibari island of Mnemba, consolidated my experience into how to achieve these in a Third World setting.

My ethos is to be with you every step of the way to make sure that your focus stays where it should be on your most important of days; your vows, your moments, your family and friends, set in the breathtaking landscapes of tropical Africa.

The beauty of Zanzibar is immense and not just aesthetic. With my devoted team, we nurture the spontaneity of your unique and individual experience through our minute-by-minute organization of your event, which we coordinate calmly and thoroughly from behind the scenes.
We believe our prices are a fair reflection of our quality and experience, so you can rest assured we do not churn out packaged ‘conveyor-belt’ weddings. Without making a song and dance about it, logistics on Zanzibar can be underestimated by those less realistic and seasoned to its challenges.  So let the song and the dance be purely about you!