Our Services

Our extensive logistical experience on Zanzibar enables us to provide reliable assistance and advice with the selection of the best venues and locations, no matter how unconventional, for the ceremony and reception.

Intimate knowledge of the island’s lodges, boutique hotels, guesthouses and private villas, helps us find the most suitable accommodation for the bridal couple and their guests
Liaison on behalf of the bridal couple with the most professional and trusted service providers Zanzibar has to offer.

Whether you need help and guidance with every step of the planning process, we are here for you, and we will work together and create a day to be remembered forever.

Event Design

Event design is all about brainstorming and creating a celebration that is personalized and custom tailored to your style and preference. We go beyond just picking out your wedding stationary and flowers arrangements. We will help you create and define your vision and, then bring your style to life with our creative direction. We love cohesion, and care are every detail so that all the elements of your wedding tell your story.

Wedding Coordination

Wedding coordination is all about the nuts and bolts of your celebration. Our goal is to create a firm foundation from scratch so that your event runs smoothly. We have plenty of experience so far and we will be your go-to partners for every logistical detail of your wedding. Our role is to be you vender curator, budget supervisor, fee negotiator and most of all a listening ear. We can’t help but built personal relationships with all the couples that we work with and we are proud to be have made many of those couples our friends over the years. We will be there to support and advocate for you at the same time. We can undertake the logistics of your guest’s transportation and accommodation. All in all we will take care of everything.