Henna Painting

Maju works at Mrembo Spa at Mtoni Marine. People come from all over to have their hands and feet decorated by her. It is recommended that you have the henna done the day before your wedding. This is because it can take about an hour for the henna to dry before you get to rinse it off in order to reveal the delicate design.  She uses the traditional brown/orange henna rather than the black henna which can cause a bad reaction on the skin.

There is something deeply satisfying for a bride to have her hands and feet painted on the day before her wedding with beautiful intricate designs. She is revered by the wedding party and henna is used as a means of idolising her. In some Indian traditions, the bride is not allowed to do any work before or after her wedding until all the stain has disappeared! In Middle Eastern cultures, henna tattooing is still a whole day affair during which the new bride gets to know the groom’s mother and sisters. It is a celebratory, rather than a spiritual ritual. It is the equivalent to the pre-wedding makeover and manicure of Western brides.

How long the designs lasts on the skin depends how people take care of them. To prolong a design, it is suggested that you keep the area moisturized. The skin should not be scrubbed, exfoliated or rubbed unless you want to hurry the fading process.

Have a look at the sample designs, you are welcome to discuss them with Maju when you are here and she can also travel to your hotel. Please make an appointment in advance, so that a proper day of papering can be organized for you and the girls. Champagne, tea, henna and fun…