Although we are lucky enough to live on a tropical island, it is assumed that we have an abundance of tropical flowers. However, in the 17th Century the Sultans of the Busaidi family brought crows to the island as a gift. Sadly the crows destroy most of the eggs laid by tropical birds on the island, leaving fewer birds to pollinate the array of flowers.

We do however have beautiful Frangipanis in September, October and November depending on the rains. Hibiscus are plentiful all year round, but they tend to wilt very quickly. Bougainvilleas are lovely but do not always make stunning bouquets. We simply use what we can get our hands on and sometimes ask a friendly neighbour to pick flowers from their garden. These come free of charge and included in the package.

Roses, Carnations, Anthuriums, some Gerberas and Lillies can be imported from Dar Es Salaam, Arusha or Nairobi. Suppliers either fly the flowers in, or ferry them in by boat, (after they have made a journey by truck). Cargo can be jostled, boats tend to be overloaded and the box of flowers can find its way at the bottom of the pile and become squashed. This is why we only use three trusted suppliers to ensure you have flowers. So, should you wish to order 10 bunches of roses, we order 10 bunches from the three different suppliers to guarantee at least 10 of the 30 bunches ordered are in good condition. Therefore the cost of flowers can be quite high. However, we cannot promise that they are the exact shade of pink or peach.

Please be flexible and understanding. We need plenty of notice as flowers from Arusha and Nairobi may take three days to reach Zanzibar.