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Heather & Bart

A Google search led them to two Tanzanian wedding planners who orchestrated the entire event over e-mail and a single phone call… Read more

South Africa Weddings Bride of the Year 2012

Janine & Stefan (Real Wedding)

Since I have been a little girl I dreamed of a fairytale wedding, when I did not find the right man by the age of 20 I decided to start working in the wedding industry myself and help create fairytale weddings for other people while I waited and prayed for the right man to cross my paths…. Read more

Dror Eyal Photography

2011 Year End

I’m just wrapping up a few things before we close the studio for the year. Take a small break, enjoy the festive season with our family – I get to roast a leg of lamb again (my secret is anchovies)… Read more

South African Wedding Photography

Weddings in Zanzibar

We’ve been to Zanzibar a couple of times now to shoot some pretty cool weddings, Reyna and Zan’s barefoot on the beach wedding, on a deserted island no less was one of a kind. Komonda Island was amazing, the ride in the dhow was out of this world, Fumba and the traditional Ngoma dancers was one of those did that just happen moments… Read more


Real-Life: Picture Perfect Wedding

“Karl took pictures of me for an article in Gulf News,” newlywed singer Salha explains. “We kept bumping into each other after that and eventually became good friends.” Friendship blossomed into romance and when the couple went to Fujairah to celebrate Salha’s birthday, she was met with an unorthodox proposal…” Read more

The Bride’s Diary

Larraine & Steven (Real Wedding)

Laraine and Steven met through a mutual friend, but only saw each other on occasion. One night when they finally started talking, there was immediate chemistry – it felt as if they’d known each other forever… Read more

African Footsteps

Dream Wedding, Zanzibar

Taking just seven days to organise, a sand island wedding in Zanzibar proves to be as memorable as the happy couple had hoped… Read more

Darrin James Wedding Photography & Film

Salha and Karl’s Amazing Zanzibar Wedding

Have just returned from the paradise that is Zanzibar to cover one of the most beautiful, fun and emotional weddings of all times! Salha, one of the Region’s top female vocalists (Salha and The Million Dollar Band) and Karl, an extremely talented photographer (Karl Jeffs), chose Zanzibar to celebrate with a close group of family and friends… Read more

For the Bride

The Zanzibar Dream Wedding

Today we have a captivating tale from Natalie Duncker on her recent wedding in Zanzibar where she and Franscois Duncker spent an exciting and somewhat different time planning their special day… Read More

My Day Bridal Magazine, South Africa

Zanzibar: A jewel of the Indian Ocean

The island of Zanzibar is one of the most romantic destinations on earth; – an exotic paradise, with a rich history of Sultans, spices and intrigue, lying off the east coast of Tanzania, East Africa. Its pristine beaches, coves of plush palm trees, lush tropical forests, ancient and mysterious palaces and unique cultural heritage make this is the perfect location for a barefoot wedding made in heaven… Read more

Top Billing Magazine, South Africa

Dream Destination – Marrying on the Shores of Zanzibar

As the owner of Dream Destinations, a luxury honeymoon travel business, Yolande Naude knew that she would one day get married at some exotic location. When she met James Pietersen through her best friend (who used to date him previously!), she asked him to name the top five places he’d like to visit – Zanzibar was one of them… Read more

GQ Magazine

25 Of the Sexiest Spots on the Planet

Dinner on the Beach at Mtoni Marine Restaurant… Read more