Q?With so many hotels offering weddings, how do I choose?

I truly believe Zanzibar is the perfect place for an African beach wedding. One of the few islands that is still Africa through and through. Steeped in history, tradition and culture, amid white powder beaches, beautiful ocean palms surrounding some amazing hotels. But more importantly is the people!
I love being a wedding planner, I cannot emphasise that enough. Sometimes months of emails, hours of Skype calls and messages, but when I finally meet the bride and groom it feels like meeting with old friends. The wedding is like coming full circle and I am happy and privileged to call many of the brides my friends. This is not a job, it is an extension of my personality, an honour, I am very lucky!
I am originally from South Africa and have worked in the UK planning weddings and events, and finally this beloved island I am lucky enough to call home for the past 10 years. I have a wealth of experience; however some cultured weddings are still new to me. If I feel your request is beyond my expertise, I will gladly recommend in order to create the wedding of your dreams.
Nevertheless, there are many here that feel the same way as me, offering the same services at the same locations. Zanzibar has numerous hotels of which 90% perform weddings. Locations and hotels differ significantly on Zanzibar and what they offer is also diverse and unique. Research to find the location that suits your needs, your wishes and your budget is important when choosing a wedding package and we are more than happy to assist wherever possible.

Q?Can you arrange a wedding at any other hotel?

More than 90% of the hotels on Zanzibar arrange weddings. These hotels all have their own guest relation managers and event planners that take care of all the arrangements. Zanzibar Weddings is affiliated with some of the best hotels on the island who have requested to work with us. Unfortunately, we do not work with all the hotels on Zanzibar; however, among the hotels we do work with, you will find a place suitable for any budget.

Q?We want to get married on a private deserted beach!

All beaches on Zanzibar are public, so unfortunately, we cannot guarantee total privacy. By sunset, you may find fishermen preparing for their nightly fishing trips, kids playing on the beach or some very talented acrobats practicing. All adding to the life on Zanzibar, if proves a lovely backdrop. We always ask anyone close to where the ceremony takes place to respect the wedding parties’ privacy. Sandbanks are sometimes used during the day for snorkelling and sunbathing, but by early afternoon, the sandbanks will be mostly deserted for your sunset wedding.

Q?What if our numbers reduce and we have already paid the deposit/balance?

If you are still within the 3 month (but not 30 days prior) period, we just adjust and reduce the balance. If you are in the 30 day period, we will put the surplus money towards your bar bill and extras. However, if numbers change within 5 days of the ceremony, we cannot make any changes.

Q?Can the violinist/jazz duo play our favourite song?

The musicians we use have all trained and practiced locally; they are very talented and add so much to a beautiful ceremony and reception. However, they perform mainly African music and have their set repertoire. The Kipepeo Band are able to download your first dance song or favourite tune and rehearse it. They may even put their own spin on it to make it unique.

Q?I have seen pictures of beautiful beach weddings in Miami/Cape Town and would like to replicate that

Beautiful! However, on Zanzibar, we might not have the resources available that other destinations do. We will do our utmost to make your dreams come true. Feel free to research Zanzibar and what is readily available. Have a look at what we have done in the past in our gallery and on our Facebook page. There is also a wealth of information on our It’s in the details page.

Q?When will I receive the photographs?

This all depends on which photographer you use. We are happy to put you directly in touch with them to discuss anything specific. For Aisha, Akilipix, Robin and Andrew, who are all based on Zanzibar, photographs are issued between 48 – 72 hours after the ceremony. You will receive a disc with all your photographs on.

Q?What will the weather be like?

Having spent 10 years on Zanzibar, we have learned not to rely on the weather forecasts from the internet. Zanzibar has many micro climates. The white sands of the North East, West and also South East coast reflect the heat, which causes the heat to rise and eradicate the clouds, therefore there is less chance of rain than in Stone Town.  It’s sometimes possible to have pouring rain in Stone Town, but bright blue sunny skies on the North East coast.
Generally, we do not perform wedding ceremonies in the Monsoon season of April and May as the risk is just too high. This is also a time when island life slows down even more and some places close down for staff leave or refurbishments. Nonetheless, we have done some awesome weddings on sunny, clear days during the Monsoon. There are many things we can guarantee, but the weather is not one of them.

Q?Approximately how long is the entire ceremony-reception?

That depends on what you would like to include. Father Charles is flexible and you can add a reading, some one signing etc. Samples of the ceremony are available to download here. It is normally about 15-30 minutes.

Q?Will the marriage be legal?

We can assure that the marriage is legal on Zanzibar and also recognised in Tanzania. However, it is your responsibility to check whether it is recognised, and can be registered, in your home country. For more information please read Legal Documents on the It’s in the Details page.

Q?Do I need to hire a wedding planner?

Chances are you have a full time job or school, family and social obligations in addition your upcoming nuptials. If so, hiring a wedding planner can help you plan your special day. Zanzibar Weddings can take care of the legwork for you.
A wedding planner is a distinct asset as you plan your wedding. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend time with your fiancé and family rather than worrying about the details of your special day?  A planner will take care of all the hundreds of details, leaving you to enjoy your engagement and wedding day. You will be the star of the show, while your planner works behind the scenes to make your dreams come true.

Q?Why can’t I do the planning myself?

You can do the planning yourself and that is part of the fun. But it can also be a hassle; checking out many sources for each supplier category, making sure all the details are in place and worrying about whether you’re getting the best deal and whether everything will turn out alright. A wedding planner has the training and experience to make it all come together while you relax and enjoy the romance and festivities of your wedding.  Besides on Zanzibar, you might find the added obstacle where Father Charles, or the Jazz Duo, especially the musicians  don’t have internet access and command of the English language might be limited. In 5 years we have build up a list of vendors that are reliable, experienced and the best that Zanzibar has to offer.    

Q?I’m on a tight budget and don’t think I can afford a wedding planner

All the packages include planning fees, support during the planning stages and coordination on the day.

Q?How far in advance should we book our wedding?

Oh, it can be anything from one week to a year. We have put a wedding together for a couple that got engaged while on holiday on Zanzibar and decided that they just did not want to wait with a few days! Larger weddings can take a long time, but should you wish to use one of the packages it can be done within a few months.

Q?None of the packages appeal to me, what else can you offer?

Please send us as much detail as you can on your dream day and location. We will investigate, check availability and explore the possibilities before we come back to you with some options. Please also note the first question above and visit It’s in the details for more information.

Q?Sorry for all the questions, but we are looking at options that can give us the most support from afar?

Off course! You must be comfortable with your destination and happy with your choice. Planning a wedding from afar is not easy, but we aim to take all the stress away and have you enjoy the planning phase and be relaxed on your big day. Many, many questions are the norm, so please feel free to ask and I endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible with options and suggestions. It is expected that you want to fire away questions. I am also available on Skype to chat, but not by video as the Zanzibari internet connection is not always strong enough to support it.

Q?Thanks for the quote, but I have some questions about it. I see that decorations, flowers, etc are not included in the brochure, would it be correct to assume that they are not part of the package?

I have decor bits and pieces and can arrange for flowers etc, it all just depends on what you have in mind. Please send me a list of what you like and do not like and I can advise. It is best that you have a look at some pictures of past weddings on my website and Facebook page to see what we can do.