DJ’s, Musicians & Music

Coconut Band

The Coconut Band has been the regular Saturday night gig at The Sports Café in the past and they are always highly praised. They are an eight piece band with very talented singers. Their repertoire ranges from contemporary African to the Rolling Stones, even Elvis! Get ready to dance the night away! They are only available to play for weddings that have exclusive use of the restaurant / venue.

DJ Neil Cave

Neil Cave originates from South Africa and has lived on Zanzibar for just over 2 years.  He is one of the most popular and established DJ’s around. A leading trendsetter and top venue DJ he can be caught every weekend winning the crowds on his decks.  Neil covers a lot of different genres including jazz, lounge, tunes from the 80’s and 90’s, house music and the occasional rock (classic and heavy), reggae, latin music and a bunch of other styles. His latest mix can be found on mixcloud.

Kristen on Flute

The romantic tones of a single flute are perfect as the bride walks down the aisle. Kristen plays the flute beautifully which can bestow the ideal romantic ambiance of any wedding.

Lutheran Choir

The choir has been invited to perform in Europe on two occasions. They are the perfect choir for wedding hymns for those couples who prefer a non-religious ceremony, as they sing all their songs in Kiswahili. They are an enthusiastic choir with an amazing flair for the theatrical. The choirs splendour is best appreciated during the ceremony. Their remarkable ability to bring a tear to the eye as they rejoice when the couple is pronounced man and wife is beyond words. Their euphoric song and exhilarating dance enhances the fact that you are no longer two, but one, as their song states.

Mahfudh and the Kipepeo Band

Mahfudh Ali, originally from Zanzibar, spent most of his life in the USA and UK, where he is better known as Kamilo of group Kipepeo (butterfly). A regular hit at the annual ZIFF Festival where he works with artists from Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania. Since returning to Zanzibar three years ago, Mahfudh’s poetical and liberating music has been greatly inspired by everyday life, friendships, emotion and political happenings. Last year, Mahfudh’s shows were full of surprises, as he jammed with the Indian tabla players from one minute to Gambian kora players in the next. Expect fire and passion in abundance.

Ngoma Drummers and Dancers

The Ngoma drummers and dancers are an African music group who delight in the union of souls. This group is perfect for 10 minutes of cacophony just as the bride and groom are announced husband and wife or as the Dhows sail into the bonfire lit shores. Their elation is conveyed through customary dancing and the rhythmic beating of drums, a jubilant beginning to a marriage begun on African sands.

Swahili Jazz

Seca Sound is a musical duo, two gentlemen renowned in Zanzibar for their guitar and saxophone skills. They have been entertaining guests at The Restaurant at Mtoni Marine twice a week for the past seven years, and are always in demand for various occasions. The richness of their music is perfectly suited to the wedding march, to a sunset Dhow cruise and background music to your dinner.

Zanzibar Bashraf

Bashraf /Taarab music is a type of traditional Swahili music. Three men who’s harmonious background music will enchant the wedding party while dining beside a flickering fire. Their music perfectly compliments the soothing sounds of the sea and the soft sparkle of the Zanzibar skies.

Your own Music

Should you wish to have your special / first dance song played, you are welcome to bring it along on an ipod. We can arrange for it to be played through the Coconut or Kipepeo band’s amplifier. This is possible if you include the band into your package with exclusive use of the venue. Alternatively, we can look into renting the speakers from the DJ at certain venues.