Dear Bride to be

Firstly! Congratulations on your engagement! Such an exciting time – I hope you are both enjoying it. We are delighted that you are interested in Zanzibar, it is a mystical place which adds that extra bit of magic to any wedding!


I am interested! The next step

I truly believe Zanzibar is the perfect place for an African beach wedding. One of the few islands that is still Africa through and through. Steeped in history, tradition and culture, amid white powder beaches, beautiful ocean palms surrounding some amazing hotels. But more importantly is the people!

I love being a wedding planner, I cannot emphasize that enough. Sometimes months of emails, hours of Skype calls and messages, but when I finally meet the bride and groom it feels like meeting with old friends. The wedding is like coming full circle and I am happy and privileged to call many of the brides my friends. This is not a job, it is an extension of my personality, an honor, I am very lucky!

I have a wealth of experience, however some cultured weddings are still new to me. If I feel your request is beyond my expertise, I will gladly recommend in order to create the wedding of your dreams.

Nevertheless, there are many here that feel the same way as me, offering the same services at the same locations. Zanzibar has numerous hotels of which 90% perform weddings. Locations and hotels differ significantly on Zanzibar and what they offer is also diverse and unique. Research to find the location that suits your needs, your wishes and your budget is important when choosing a wedding package. Please do your research – we are more than happy to assist wherever possible.

For us to be able to recommend a location, a package or to customize a wedding for you, please make sure you have read through all the info on this website, paying attention to the It’s in the details section. Ensure you have familiarized yourself with the packages, the costs, the hotels we are affiliated with and the vendors that are available. Please bear in mind that Zanzibar is a beautiful island off the coast of East Africa and we do not have the means that a wedding planner in Miami, Malibu, The South of France or South Africa might have at their disposal.

Please complete this questionnaire
 in as much detail as you can. With destination weddings it is tricky to know how many of your friends and family will be able to join you on this day and it is normally a “catch 22” with regards to budgets, without knowing who will make the journey first. We understand this and have changed budgets, changed packages and changed numbers on numerous occasions with many weddings including our own where we expected 60 and was pleasantly surprised when 100 beloved friends and family made the journey. Both planner and the happy couple need to be flexible and accommodating.  We can chop and change as RSVP’s come in to make sure budgets are not exceeded. Should you have cancellations closer to the time, we can add the surplus to your bar tab, include extras or save for your honeymoon!

Through experience we have found that it is best to get all the basic / important stuff secured and dealt with before we start talking about décor and flowers. Please read through the section on décor and flowers.

I believe photography is a very important part, especially if you are eloping when many friends and family can not join you for this very special day. You have to have these special moments captured to share with them back home. Please go through the list of photographers and videographers, their bio’s and prices. You can also review their work on our gallery page as well as their own websites and Facebook pages to make your selection easier. Please pay attention to where the specific photographer is based as this will influence their price. All of the very talented photographers are flexible and accommodating and I am happy to put you directly in touch with them once you have decided on a date and we know that the photographer is available.

Once you have found a package you like, fill in the package and extras you wish to include, paying attention to what is already included. Use the quote guide when filling in the spreadsheet. Please send this to me to look over. Same with accommodation.

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