Community Care

Spread the Love! At Weddings on Zanzibar we like to extend our belief in the love and commitment, to the community around us for many of the basic amenities we take for granted in the developed world.

If you would also like to ‘spread the love’ of your wedding to those less fortunate, may we suggest that you let us know what you would like to donate, and let us pass on your gift personally to non Government trusted organizations.
Equally, many of the guests who attend the weddings that we organize often ask if there is something they can bring to help the local people, so please find the following details on how, as visitors to Zanzibar, with donations however big or small, you can make a real difference.
Please find below the details of the various beneficiaries with which we have established partnerships. There are many more NGO’s and even more projects, so if there is any particular field that is close to your heart, do let me know and I will find out more and put you in the right direction for your donation.
Spread the Love!
Many thanks!
Donna and the Zanzibar Weddings Team

Dada – Mother Nature’s Sisters

‘Dada’ in Swahili means sister and is a term that is used for addressing an elder sister or another woman respectfully. Dada is set up as a socially responsible business network with women in the rural north of Unguja Island. The Dada cooperatives produce delicacies and wholesome food such as dried fruit and spices, sugar reduced jams, fruit and spice mustards and sweet and savoury snacks as well as a range of natural cosmetics and spa products. The raw materials are sourced locally and processed using energy-conserving methods, e.g. solar cookers, solar dryers and fire wood saving clay stoves. In this way, Dada creates income opportunities for socially disadvantaged women and acts as a platform to share practical ideas of how to use our resources wisely. Dada is a project by
For more information, please visit: / Facebook: Dada-Zanzibar / Twitter: @dadazanzibar

Desks for Schools

Before and after pictures! Building of desks are facilitated through the Rotary Club of Stone Town, Zanzibar – more on the Club later…

We believe that a good education can help a person change the world for the better. If you agree with us then help us get the children off the floor and onto a desk. There are many schools around the Island that do not have basic desks and chairs for the children to sit at during school hours. With a donation of USD120 you can make a three-seater desk from sturdy wood and also create a job for a local carpenter. Through the Rotary Club we get many book donations for schools, but unfortunately many of these are not suitable for Kiswahili schools. We therefore encourage guests to rather bring along exercise books and pencils. Should they wish to visit a school in the time that they are here that can easily be arranged. Alternatively we are happy to buy school supplies locally for the children with your donation and deliver them personally to the children who would most benefit.

Fellow Rotarians

Donna is a member of the Rotary Club of Zanzibar, Stone Town. Rotary has a small, but very efficient club based in Stone Town. They are involved with many great projects in and around the whole of Unguja and Pemba. We support ZOP (, Infant Club Foot Appeal, The Makunduchi Hospital Project ( and People living with Albinism to name a few. Our club will soon be part of the Future Vision Pilot Program and would love to partner with your club. We meet on Thursday’s at 5pm at the Six Degrees South. If you are around, let me know and come visit and hear what we have planned for next year!
We have sponsored the following this Rotary year:

  • ENT Programme at Makunduchi Hospital – a HIPZ/ZOP partnered programme -  to the value of Tsh 6’452’000
  • Oxygen Concentrator of $ 2’000 for the Makunduchi Hospital Project
  • Examination Lamp for the Makunduchi Women’s ward to the value of $ 966
  • 2 ZOP Camps at Timbatu of Tsh 1’300’000
  • Painting materials, tiles, material to repair the ceiling, toys, curtains to the value of $ 1’000 for the children’s ward at Makunduchi Hospital

For more information, please visit: Facebook: Rotary Club of Zanzibar – Stone Town or email Donna at

Saidia Zanzibar

On 10th September 2011, the ferry M.V. Spice Islander, travelling between Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and Pemba, capsized in deep waters in the Pemba Channel, north of Zanzibar island. The true numbers of those injured or dead in the tragedy has yet to be established, but it is now acknowledged that there were many more passengers than the 610 listed on the ship manifest. The latest official figure has yet to be verified, but estimates of the numbers of those who died in this tragedy are thought to be greater than those lost in the Titanic (IPP Media). Saidia Zanzibar is an emergency fundraising website, which was set up in the immediate aftermath of the disaster to allow caring members of the community, in Zanzibar and the world at large, to commit some of their time and money to assist those tragically affected. The fundraising effort is a long-term commitment focused on families who have lost primary breadwinners to pay for living costs and school fees. A committee of volunteers drawn from the reputable Zanzibari Business Community oversees the organization, working in tandem with Zanzibar Outreach Program, also one of our chosen organisations.
For more information, please visit:

ZAASO – For Animal lovers

If you are an animal lover like me then you would be happy to hear that there is a wonderful Animal Sanctuary for beaten and hurt animals – Zanzibar Animals Affection Society (ZAASO). ZAASO is a community based registered non-profit organization that rescues, adopts, and provides shelter, foster care, medical treatment and valuable services to animals in need. They expose and document animal cruelty occurring behind closed doors, on streets, and anywhere else to educate the public on animal issues through innovative outreach campaigns. Please have a look at their website on how you can help. If you would like to visit ZAASO, please let us know and we will be happy to arrange it – it is just awesome! Below are a few ideas on what they need:

  • Sponsor an animal: From just USD$25 per month you can sponsor one of the animals at the centre.
  • They are currently in need of funds to provide the following equipment: Straps/harnesses – $90 / Toys for donkeys – $35 / Mattresses – $80 / Sheets – $20

For more information, please visit: / Facebook:  Zanzibar Animals Affection Society

Zanzibar Outreach Program

Zanzibar Outreach Program (ZOP) is one of Zanzibar’s most established and respected local NGOs, run solely by Zanzibaris for Zanzibaris. Set up in 2006, ZOP provides health, water and educational services for the people of Pemba and Unjuga, the two main islands that make up the Zanzibar Archipelago. Please contact Sjani and she will be happy to forward you reports on completed camps, water projects and any other information on ZOP and their wonderful projects.

“In Good Memory” Fund – Dr Naufal Kassim, one of ZOP’s founders and currently their Executive Secretary, tragically lost his beloved wife “Chabby” last year. A special “In Good Memory” fund has been created in her honour. The fund is dedicated to helping those in Zanzibar who have suffered disability due to an accident. If you wish to receive information on this new fund, please contact us.

For more information, please visit: / Facebook: ZanzibarOutreachProgam or view the pdfs below on what we have been up to with ZOP: